Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) - Mera 1/10th Scale Statue

Daughter of Nereus, King of Xebel, one of the seven underwater kingdoms, Mera was welcomed by Queen Atlanna from Atlantis, that raised her together with her son Orm and trained her through the years as her protégé. Mera became a prominent military figure and was later designated to lead the Atlantean Guard as an adult. When the first Mother Box, a machine that can reorganise all the matter through the will of its masters, was activated on Earth, Mera, together with the Xebelian Soldiers, faced the alien conqueror Steppenwolf, who managed to take the artefact. After Steppenwolf’s defeat by the Justice League, Mera joins Aquaman in his journey to get back to Atlantis and in his search for the Trident of Atlan, so that he could claim his rightful place as king.

Based on Zack Snyder’s definitive cut of Justice League, the Mera 1/10th Scale Statue captures the warrior princess of the oceans as she uses her hdrukinetic powers to manipulate water, creating a swirl of waves around a coral in which she rises in her traditional Atlantean armour with a golden tiara adorning her vibrant hair. In the potential alternate future in which this is set, the villain Darkseid has conquered the world with the help of a mind-controlled Superman, and after Aquaman dies in battle, Mera takes the Trident of Atlan to help save the world with her allies.

The limited edition Mera 1/10th Scale Statue has been crafted in hand-painted polystone with a high level of detail based on the character’s appearance in Justice League, and stands approximately 8.2 inches tall on a themed base.

Save your collection from dark alternate futures with the Mera 1/10th Scale Statue in your collection.

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) - Mera 1/10th Scale Statue

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